Friday, September 19, 2014

Doing Good, 2014

I have been mulling over this post for a few weeks.

I have started it 3 separate times tonight.

For some reason, the words just aren't easy.

I'm struggling to make words on my computer screen match all of the emotion in my heart.  Please bear with me as I take you on a tour through the jumbled-ness that is my mind these days.

Next week is September 24.

That would be my Daddy's birthday.  It also would be the first birthday of a baby I didn't get to meet.

Last year I anticipated that date by planning activities to occupy my heart and mind on a day that I knew had the potential to be painful.  And it was beautiful.  Here's a bit about what good we did on 9-24-13.

September 24 has become Do Good day- not only for just our family, but for so many who have spread the love in their own circles.  This year was no exception.  We opened our home to locals to join us as we celebrate the Good.  Not only was I floored during the day (Daddy's best friend from home SHOCKED me when she arrived unannounced!), I was amazed throughout that week as I heard stories of people Doing Good.
  * We collected over $500 in gift cards to distribute as needs arise.  We have already given several to families in need of some Good, and have been blown away at the stories of how our friends' generosity has met their need in immediate ways.
  * A friend in Asheville put together a drum kit with the help of local musicians to give to a child who was taking lessons and did not yet have a kit.  While his mother may not see hear the Good always in such a LOUD gift, she was thrilled- as was her son- with such a significant gesture.
  * People sent me story after story that day of paying for others' meals, coffees, groceries in anonymity and how amazing that felt.

Goodness won on September 24.  

You have joined me in taking my Daddy's phrase - Do Good - and truly making it a movement.  So many of you text me when you see verses or signs or gestures of Doing Good.  You walk alongside me in my grief by constantly pointing me toward the positive- and for that I am beyond grateful.

Throughout the last year, our Do Good "funds" have provided Christmas gifts to families in need, furniture and appliances to those just heading out on their own, gift cards to just the right people at just the right time.

We would be honored if you are interested in contributing to our Do Good Fund.

At the same time, so much good came last year from some of you who gave right where you were.  You blessed children with drums.  You surprised people with lunch.  You brought happiness and joy and good wherever you went.  And those stories were awesome.

The stories I hear from y'all about the good you do and the good you see have sustained me.  Beyond that, those stories have blessed the recipients of the goodness.  And I feel certain that we are all ready to have some good again filter through our newsfeed and our lives.

Would you join me on Wednesday?  It doesn't matter how you do it- I'd just love to know that you'll partner with us on September 24 to Do Good.  If you don't mind, send me your "goodness" stories that day.  I'll do better at updating you on all the stories and we can see what this little movement of ours can do.

I can't wait to see the good.
Stan Waldrup
September 24, 1942- March 25, 2012
Loving Daddy, Silly Dadaw, and the one who taught so many of us how to Do Good