Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My senses have become heightened.

I talked with one of my favorite friends ever last night.  Not only does he have the best voice in the world (and come on, anyone who lived with me during answering machine days have to admit they sometimes would play his messages again just to hear him speak), but Eric Farmer has the best "phrasing" as well.

Last night when we spoke, he was putting words around a concept I'd yet to phrase.  He said that in his world, his senses had become heightened and that the same-old-things looked brand new to him.  Thank you, Eric, for explaining in words what is going on in my heart.

Since our Disney trip, we've come home to discover a new world.  Dan and I both have experienced God's presence in new ways in our individual lives and in our marriage, and I cannot express to you how He has heightened our senses.  My overwhelming schedule has been just as busy, but calm.  My chaotic closet is still just as jumbled, but appears manageable.  My huge fear of running is just as present, but I am no where near as skeptical of my ability... and one might say I'm even excited about seeing what I'll be able to accomplish.

My senses are heightened... the friends who joined me for dinner tonight (who were some of the very first friends I met here nearly 9 years ago) were "new" to me- and that's a beautiful thing.  It's a joy and a privilege to see how God blesses and renews friendships... as well as how He protects them along the way.  One year ago, my Daddy called me with a grim update about Mary's health.  These same women sat in my house and supported me as I wept.  Tonight they sat with me as I cried with an overwhelmed heart about what God is doing in our lives.  For that, I am thankful.  

The same-old-things look new... here's hoping you'll check them out with me...

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