Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Dan asked me this morning why I've not been blogging more recently and there is only one reason: I've been busy.  We are headed to the beach next week and I feel certain that all of these thoughts rolling around in my head will be a blog post or two... those of you who read my blog will see them.  Those of you who only read it when it shows up on Facebook will likely miss it, because that new set up is *jacked*.

For now, though, I'll tell you a few things about our life lately... mainly because I need to clean our house.

1. I hate the new Facebook set up.

2. I am cleaning our house because our Foster Care home study is tomorrow night. We finished our classes in August and have had a hard time getting our end of things done. It seems like things tend to explode a lot around here- that's our "normal"- but it's unfortunate when the explosions get in the way of getting the good stuff done.  I made the assumption that DSS would be the ones slowing things down- not us.  Whoops.

3. College Ministry makes me happy. I have had lots of good time/good talks lately with our students and I'm reminded how thankful I am to get to be part of their lives.

4. Monday, I needed someone to keep E so we could get some paperwork done. Laurie swooped in to keep her for a few hours. Yesterday, I returned the favor and kept 3/4 of her kids so she could take the remaining 1/4 to the doctor. (Dan's comment was: "What do people who don't live in community do?") I remember shying away from wanting to live in this neighborhood because it would appear too co-dependent. Yeah, I'm over that now. It's good, y'all...

5. I made pumpkin spice cookie "sandwiches" last night (think: oatmeal creme pie but with pumpkin spice cookies and cream cheese frosting). Oh. My. Word. And, they go well with coffee for breakfast... so I've been told.

6. I hung out with a friend in the preschool parking lot for 20 minutes this morning. We hadn't talked in a while. We talked about the craziness (no pun intended) of Mental Health Care in this state and about how happy we are in our marriages. It made a rainy morning a little more cheery.

7. Back in the day, my 2 BFFs from high school and I would use fake names on our return address labels.  We would always put (when sending mail to each other) our real address but we'd put the name of one of the people we graduated with.  It was a fun game of "remember them?"  Now, most all of them/you are on Facebook... so it's less funny.  But it's still kinda funny.

8. In that same line of funny, I like to pretend to be other people when receptionists answer at work and say "Who may I say is calling?"... Anne gets calls from Michelle Obama on a regular basis.

9. My daughter is one of the funniest people I know.  And the most emotional.  And I love it.

10. Next week we will be staying at the same place at the beach that I stayed with 6 of my friends during Senior Beach Week in 1994.  Now if that doesn't freak you out a bit I don't know what does.  Dan always reminds me I don't have to walk down Memory Lane with him...

That's it for now... expect more "meaningful" posts next week.  For now, the office upstairs needs my attention... I should really stop procrastinating.

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sherri said...

I think (hope) I was your number six. You cheered my day up, too. W. had a meltdown this morning sorry I couldn't talk longer.