Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Do List Paralysis

My house is in shambles.  Not having a kitchen for a month (which is also the location of our laundry) has made "getting back to normal" not an easy task.  Yesterday, I intended the day to be getting things together in the kitchen- putting things back in cabinets, cleaning off counter tops, doing laundry.  Instead, Mom called and needed some immediate attention, so I only got 45 minutes of "real work" done before heading out.

When I came home from lunch, I did the obvious/necessary thing- I napped until 4 minutes before E was to get off of the bus.

She bounded into the house, needed some Momma Time and a snack, and I proceeded to cook dinner.  Glory!  Being able to cook a meal was quite lovely.

And quite exhausting.

Thank goodness Dan was able to do the finish up (notice I didn't say "clean up") of the day and I was able to head to bed.  (Just a few more weeks til second trimester!  Whew!)

So here I sit, looking around at all of the things that need to be done:
*I need to do more laundry.
*I need to put up the laundry from yesterday.
*I need to finish clearing off the dining room table.
*Oh, and the kitchen table.
*I need to do dishes from last night.
and then...
*I need to go move the files from beside my bed back to the office.  (My bedroom became my make-shift work space during the renovations.)
*I need to strip E's bed, do those sheets, and remake her bed.
*I need... I need... I need....

My list feels endless.  And my energy level feels end-in-sight.

And therein lies the problem... which leads me to... "To Do List Paralysis."

Instead, I become enraptured with Facebook.
I remember that I'm really good at Angry Birds.
I start thinking about baking a cake.
I think I might-should reorganize my closet.
I wonder if I should give Alphie a bath.
I think how much Misty would appreciate a card.
I then remember I didn't send Steph a birthday card.
And, oh, junk... I need to mail Laurie that package.
I should stick with Angry Birds.

Before I know it... it'll be bus time and I'll have nothing on my To Do list "To Done."

I'm not posting all of this as a cry for help... or even as a "how do you get it all done".  Merely, it's just my brain's way of having a moment in therapy this morning on the Inter Webs.  I see my problem before me.  I know my agenda.  And I can clearly see what will hinder me.

I'm signing off to go start in the kitchen.  I plan to even turn on music, because that makes "work" a little easier.  Rather than helping me tackle my "To Do List Paralysis"... why don't you suggest good music to help the time pass.  For that, I would be most grateful.


E said...

Solesides Greatest Bumps
-or (no judgement)-
The Soundtrack to "When Harry Met Sally"

Lorni said...

this is always me. except i'm not pregnant and exhausted! haha oh well. one day i dream of having one of those neat and organized homes where it stays that way most of the time. anyways i'd go with beyonce or passion pit or mates of state is a band that i love to play when i clean!

Kristen D. said...

Have you tried Imagine Dragons yet? FUN music!!! Kind of modern 80's-ish orchestrated roller rink rock and roll with some folk and good vocal harmonies added in. It's our current favorite : ) Great for getting some cleaning done, or driving, or just general dancing and twirling : )

Sarah G. said...

I like the Justin Timberlake Pandora station while cleaning!

Courtney said...

oh! and congrats on the baby!!!!

Emily Sutton Dezio said...

I personally love the Americana Pandora station....