Friday, February 7, 2014

2 weeks.

2 weeks ago, we went to meet a sweet baby girl.  One in the Foster system.  One who needed a little love.

2 weeks ago, we left that meeting smitten with her cuteness, but unsure what would be next.  We did, however, stop by Target to pick up a few things she could use just in case she came to live with us.

2 weeks ago, we told our agency that we'd love her to come join us... but that we were getting ready to head to Walt Disney World and that just wouldn't make sense to bring Little One with us.  We told them that as soon as we got home from our visit with The Mouse, we'd love to have her join us.

2 weeks ago, the family she was staying with had some pretty serious illness pop up and they had to remove her... immediately.  We got the call that we either take her now- and take her with us to Disney- or we don't get to have her join us at all.  The agency wasn't able to move her twice.

2 weeks ago, in the time span of a couple hours, we said emphatically "yes" to a sweet little one... and pulled a crib down from the attic... and prepared E even further for our family's changes... and reached out to a few friends to ask for some help.

2 weeks ago, friends showed up with clothes and swings and food and toys and helped us prepare for the days ahead.

2 weeks ago, a couple of social workers and some people who had loved her well showed up at our house.  We opened the door- unsure what was next- and this sweet little thing began to fill up our world with joy.

2 weeks ago, we were rested.  And organized.  And anticipating a low-key trip with some of our dearest friends.  And "in control" of the space around us.  And content with our life.

And now...

We are not rested.
Or organized.
Or in control of anything.

But we are content.

To answer all of the questions:
-We aren't sure how long she will be with us, but we are hoping for many, many days to come.
-We aren't sure of all the details of why she's in Care, but all we need to know is that she needs our love right now.  And... we wouldn't be able to share details even if we did know.
-Yes, we still had a great trip to WDW with those dear friends.  Little One did great.  And Miss E had a super time, too.

2 weeks ago, we didn't see this coming.  But on this side of those 2 weeks, we're thankful for the journey.


lankfords said...

O. M. G. that is fantastic news!!! No matter how long she is with you it will imprint on her heart and life. Thanks for being willing to give of your family to one who is in need!
Congrats--the Lankford Family!

Anonymous said...

You are living the dream I thought would be my life. May the little girl be blessed by her time with you and yours with her!

StephJonesNC said...

I am so happy for that little sweetness. To be in a family with so much love, strength, compassion, and joy is a blessing many don't ever receive. I pray this continues just the way your heart is longing for!

Anonymous said...

well hot damn, aren't you the coolest around!