Friday, August 7, 2015

The Company I Keep

In recent days, I have been filled with memories of wisdom I gleaned from my Mom.  She taught me tons about the ways of the word including the necessity of quality paper towels, spending money on good framing, and how to make lasagna.  She wiped up behind me before I had even spilled and was able to make me "straighten up" with just an exhale of breath.

One of her very favorite sayings during my formative years was "You're known by the company you keep." The fact I have been friends with the Trashy Cable Twins for 35+ years may cause some to wonder whether or not I've fully embraced those words... but let me go on record by saying that I, indeed, have.

Just this week, my Company showed up at the Sticht Center with brand new pajamas for Mom never having spent any time with her in her healthy days.

My Company continues to reach out with words of encouragement- "This book was helpful to me..."; "Remember to take care of yourself..."; "How can I help...."

My Company brought meals to us in the hospital.  My Company also understood when we just weren't up for visitors.

My Company understands when I have to change plans to deal with out of town guests.  Or trips to Mom's facility.  Or because I just can't.

My Company has us drop Julianna at their house for an unknown amount of time- only to have her spend the night.  They send me pictures and videos of the fun she has so that I can be assured my little ones are well loved and happy while I am away from them.

My Company plans dates with my girls in the days to come so that they will feel continuity while I feel chaos.

My Company knows when to pour the wine and when to stop.

My Company loves me well.

I am sad/ mad/ discouraged/ angry/ disappointed that my girls won't get to hear some of Mimi's lessons straight from her... but I know that they will feel the effects of her wisdom through the love of my Company.  And while we were able to giggle as Mom rolled her eyes at some of our conversations in the hospital, I'm grateful that her words will live in my heart even when she can't speak them to me anymore.  I've lived almost 40 years trying to please my Mom... and I know that the quality of my Company pleases her even now.

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Laurie said...

Sigh...:(, thankful for your company too - just wish it was me.