Monday, December 3, 2007

Things That Make Me Crazy.

Not a real "important" blog... just some thoughts I've had today. These are some things that make me crazy:

1. When people spell stationery/stationary wrong. The kind I make and sell is spelled stationery. Notice the "e". Think: "envelope." Stationary, the other kind, has an "a". My friend Renee says it's memorable because of the part of your body on which you sit... when you are stationary.

2. When things I paint are cuter in my head than they are when I paint them.

3. When my dog barks shortly after E is put to bed.

4. When my mother asks me 400 times to answer questions I can't.

5. When I get my self worked up about things that may or may not happen. i.e., Will people talk about breastfeeding too much tomorrow night at Bunko, or Will my feelings get hurt next week.

6. That people think my little girl is a little boy. But, sometimes she does look like Ralph Wiggem.

7. When I look around my "office" and see projects I still have finished. Off to work on those...

1 comment:

Worshipboy Tom said...

I'm going to leave you one more comment, but after this I expect a speedy reply! Regarding your rantings:
#1 - You, my friend, are a speling snobb!
#2 - Try painting your head.
#3 - Put the dog to sleep, I mean to bed, first! Duh!
#4 - It's the mother's job to ask 400 questions. Just wait till E grows up.
#5 - Don't get too agitated over breastfeeding or else you'll start lactating all over yourself!
#6 - If you didn't want people to think your little girl was a boy, why would you call her E? Why not something more gender specific, like Pat?
#7 - You have an office and you're still complaining? Boo hoo!
Love ya! Tom