Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14

This past weekend was a beautiful picture of my life. Friday night after E went to bed, we sat down to play cards but instead had two random pop-in visitors. We sat around and drank girly drinks (even though they were both men)... talked about things like Jacob's deception in the Bible and 5th anniversaries... and Dan and I went to sleep talking about how much we love our friends.

Saturday morning I hopped in my Mom's car and headed with her to Chapel Hill. She dropped me off to meet some old friends for breakfast before heading on to Raleigh to see my brother and his wife. We sat in the restaurant and enjoyed each other... and it was really one of those moments where you realize some friendships just don't change. Several of us have left Chapel Hill, but you wouldn't know if from our time together. I spent the rest of my time there driving Starlyn's car around to some old haunts...

-I stopped at the Student Stores and treated myself (and Elizabeth) to some new attire... and some new notebooks.
-I went to Sutton's for some Potato Munchers and a Vanilla Coke. (and sadly couldn't find my picture...)
-I walked through the alley below Player's and smelled the same ol' smells... even with the absence of The Rat.
-I walked through the BB&T building and immediately felt like I was a freshman... meeting Shawnee for a Squeaky Dog after class.
-I went to U-Mall and amazingly didn't buy anything at Camerons.

Mom and I had a hysterical drive home where she made up some fake memory about friends of mine...

Then Sunday after church we had a "just us" day. Dan and I did yardwork while E napped. When she woke up, we played in the sprinkler then went to the pool. (Although, sidenote, I wasn't excited about the 40-year-old-middle-school-girls who looked me up and down when I got there. Seriously, I thought those days were gone. Not so much.)

Our DVD player wouldn't work right last night so we couldn't watch the Small Group video with the college students... so we just played Nertz instead. And then someone dropped a frog off in a Nike box at our door. Random.

All of those things rolled together reminded me why I enjoy my life so much. I little bit of this and a little bit of that... all of them various blessings to make one happy weekend. Top that off with lunch with Misty today after our first Kindermusik class... I'm one lucky girl.

Contentment level= 95%

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