Friday, January 20, 2012


It's one of those times, y'all.  My heart and my head are so overwhelmed with all that I'm learning, all that I'm praying, all that I'm feeling... there just aren't words.

So, rather than  even begin to put words around all *that*... why don't I show you some of God's goodness in my life?
Meet Bella.  E's "My Disney Girl" Doll that she got for Christmas.  Bella has given us hours of entertainment and joy.  And, yes, she'll go with us to Disney in a couple weeks.  
E has asked if she can pin trade, too.

What else happened at Christmas?  Oh, just this.  Yep.  Me... and BOTH OF MY PARENTS.  
For lunch on Christmas day.  I can dig it, y'all.

Also over Christmas? A visit from Ea.  Elizabeth was in heaven hanging out with my friend who has been my friend for almost 18 years.  Her response to the longevity of our friendship?  "Eighteen, Mommy?  EIGHTEEN?!?!?  That's how old Rapunzel is... and you've known her THAT long?"
True story, girl.

Then I went to Passion.  With 45,000 other people.  Including these two.  (And Kristian Stanfill.)  I learned, worshiped, and reflected.  I cried, laughed, and prayed.  And laughed some more.  The one downside of Passion is realizing that the girl on the left lives far, far away from me.  I need some of her goodness on a more regular basis.  Taiwan is a long way away...

E and Dan have been cooking up a storm lately.  The night of these pics he made calzones for us and E made her own pizza.  Half cheese, half crouton.  Yep.  You heard me right.  Wow.
 This weekend Dan and E went for a walk and came home with a friend in tow. 
The girls played super well together.

the slaw...

I made buffalo chicken sliders for a friend and kept some for us... seriously... Daddy's Blue Cheese Coleslaw makes this amazing....

And one closing shot to leave you with... Miss M let me take her photos on Sunday. 
I'm constantly amazed at how she's grown.  God is good, y'all.


Rachel H said...

Love these! So much to be thankful for!~

taiwan xifu said...

i'm not your only friend in taiwan?! :) which city is your friend in? should i connect with her?