Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, A Recap

 Inspired by my last years post... here we go:

Where we've been:
-Atlanta, for Passion 2011
-Spring Break tour: Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Oak Island
-the bathroom in the DC Airport for longer than I care to admit
-Virginia to see old friends
-Maryland to see beautiful people get married
-Chapel Hill a handful of times
-Patton Avenue
-St. Augustine
-Disneyworld (again)
-Disney Cruise

What we've gained:
-new friends
-a pretty polka dot bathing suit
-a lot of bird things

What we've lost:
-some gift cards
-some random socks

What we've learned:
-that we are not the most important thing
-that when your word for the year is "peace", the way you gain it is not necessarily the way you choose

What we've dropped the ball on:
-sending birthday cards
-sending thank you notes (this seems to be a theme)

What we're most thankful for:
-a chance to go to Africa
-our mariage
-the hope of new things in 2012

Happy New Year, friends.

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Rutledge 7 said...

and you totally ROCK the polka dot bathing suit!