Monday, March 5, 2012

Letting Go

Ya'll... letting go is hard.  I'm not good at it.  Never have been.

I struggle with letting go of anything: possessions, bad habits, relationships.  All of it... hard.

My buddy, Jen Hatmaker, wrote a book called "7"... while I am still in the process of processing it (I've yet to been able to post a "book review" which I want to do), I'll tell you that it brought to the surface this idea of "letting go" of some very American and excessy (yes, it's a word) things in my life.

Take for example- possessions.

We do a fairly good job of teaching Elizabeth the difference in a need and a want.  It is pretty simple when you lay it out in 5-year-old language.  But if you look around my house, you'll see that I often confuse the two.  It appears that I make my wants become my needs and they begin to clutter my home.

This Thursday, I have the opportunity to facilitate the MOMS group at our church.  During this time, we'll hear a little bit about what my buddy Jen says about possessions.  We'll even have a chance to respond: I've asked the women who will be coming to bring 7 possessions they can/want to/need to part with.  There are no guidelines for this... need to clean out your closet? Bring it.  Want to purge your pantry?  Bring it.  Need to offer up something that is cluttering your life?  Bring it.

Here's the cool part- what we part with, others can use.  At the end of our time together, we will have a chance to "shop" from everyone's parted possessions.  There may be the perfect pair of jeans that you've been looking for but can't find.  There may be that book you've been wanting to read.  There may be a bowl that would go perfectly with your kitchen.  Who knows... but we'll be creating less waste by recycling these items among friends.

And bonus?  What doesn't get taken will be sent on to others who can use them- whether they are at Solus Cristus, the Street School, Potters House, etc.

But in addition to the "stuff" part of letting go, we'll have a chance to hear from some of our friends about how God has shown them specific things in their lives they need to let go.  I'll let their stories speak for themselves on Thursday... but you'll want to be there to hear it.

I'm in the process of having God redefine how I let go of things.  Quite honestly, it sucks.  It's painful.  It's exhausting.  But yesterday  morning, I laid at the alter of piece of paper that says "release and blessing".  I'm coming before the Lord as He shows me how to release what I'm not yet ready to let go of... at the same time I'm asking Him to bless that release.

So will you join me?  Thursday morning, 9:30-11:30 at River Oaks Community Church.  We'll talk about "letting go" together.  Me, Jen, some friends, and lots of the things in our life that we need to let go.  Bring your 7 things... we'll release them together.

And be blessed.

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The Crawfords said...

Loved the book! Although I haven't done any of the months yet. Great idea Becky!!! I love your heart. I am off Thursday, might come and be part of it :) Jo Anna