Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hope and Change.

Today was a big day for my family.  Miss E and I met the Vice President of the United States.

I'm always a bit starstruck when I stalk meet famous people, but today's was super memorable.  E and I headed downtown after Art Camp for a treat and ended up spending 20ish minutes with Mr. Biden.  We were joined by some dear friends who (honestly) just happened to be walking/driving by when we arrived... a serendipitous moment if I've ever had one.

As we took picture after picture with the VP, (and, yes, E made fish faces in most of them,) I got caught up in the importance of that moment- that one small chunk of time.

I am certain that today was from the Lord.

Not just because I met someone who is part of an administration who I support... but because part of my heart that has laid stagnant for weeks months now was able to reignite.  The seconds before Mr. Biden came in were thrilling- watching the staff and Secret Service do their stuff.  Watching the manager at Wolfie's learn that her store was about to hit the big time.  Watching my friend shake hands with the Vice President after telling him he (my friend) had recently become a US Citizen...

It was good, y'all.

And it gives me hope.  Hope that part of my heart is not stagnant permanently.  Hope that moments of joy and excitement will seep into my days.  Hope that I will be able to tell stories with exuberance of the good things in my life.  And knowing in it all there will be change.  Change that I can't share these moments with some of the people most dear to me.  Change that some moments in my life won't get celebrated by the people who taught me to tell the stories.

There is hope and there is change.

And in them both there are blessings.


Sarah said...

So cool, Becky! Did you know he was gonna be there??

Rachel H said...

So happy that you both were able to experience this today.

The Smittys said...

exciting stuff!!!

sherri said...

Awesome. Elizabeth looks Nonplussed.