Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To my girl, on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!  You are SIX!!!  How in the world did THAT happen?!?!?!?  Oh, right... I remember...

Six years ago, I enjoyed lunch one Friday afternoon with Miss Debbie.  I still tease her that her U-turn in the middle of a busy road is the reason I went into early labor.  When your Daddy and I went in for my doctor's appointment later that afternoon, the doctor confirmed that you were likely going to come early.  After a weekend of celebrating with friends and preparing for a possible early arrival,  I went into work Monday afternoon like "normal".  I had spoken with the doctor's office earlier and they let me know if I didn't feel you moving around anymore that it would be time to go to the hospital.  Sure enough, as I sat in the RMH office, you weren't moving around.  Your Daddy recommended we should head to the hospital "just in case"... we were still thinking you would stick around longer since you were not due until November 9.

The doctors let us know when we arrived at the hospital that I couldn't feel you moving around because you had already moved into the birth canal.  We were going to see you early after all!!  We walked around the hospital for about an hour trying to get you moving quicker, but then determined we'd be better off to get some sleep and see you the next day instead.  That told us your birthday would be October 17- you would share that day with my Grandmother.  Even though she died before you were born, so much of you reminds me of her-- your big heart, your long fingers, your love for Jesus.  I know she would be so proud of you!

At 5:00am on Tuesday the 17th, your Daddy and I were awoken to a scary, startling moment- we experienced our first earthquake!!  The whole hospital shook and no one was sure what had happened.  Earthquakes aren't usual in Winston-Salem!  But we still tease that the earth shook with excitement upon your arrival... you shook up our lives and apparently everyone else's too. 

Wide awake and a little freaked out, we all laughed when shortly after 5:00am your Mimi walked through the door.  I had called her the night before to tell her I was going to have you early.  She wasn't able to sleep once she knew you were on the way, so she hopped in her car and headed to meet you.  Once it was daylight, I called Dadaw to let him and Nanny know you were coming early.  2 hours after talking to Dadaw, he walked through the door, too.  He said he just couldn't concentrate at Home Depot after I called and walked around the store saying "My baby is having a baby!"  Your Mimi, Nanny, and Dadaw were all so proud of you.  Your Mimi gave you her sense of order and diligence, your "femininity", your tender heart.  Your Nanny gave you a love of learning, your patience with others, your adaptable heart.  Your Dadaw gave you your sense of humor, your ability to laugh at yourself, your kind heart.

We enjoyed some time with Mimi and Dadaw before the doctor came in to break my water.  (And Dadaw left as that happened- he wanted no part of that!)  After several hours of labor and a very short amount of time pushing, out you were.  Remember this part?  This is the part of the story you love so much.  You came out so quickly, the doctor wasn't even in the room yet!!  Your Daddy had to help deliver you- what an honor.  Your Daddy gave you your wisdom, your insight, and your compassionate heart.  He is so proud of you.  When you came out, Daddy looked at me through a tear-streaked face and said "It's a girl and she's perfect."  Mimi said, "She has 10 fingers and 10 toes!"  And I said, "She's purple."  Leave it to me to make a moment magical...

The doctors cleaned you up and handed you to me to snuggle.  The first of hours and hours of snuggling we would do.  We snuggled through your brief stint in the NICU with jaundice.  We snuggled through your colicky phase.  Through losing lots of loved ones.  Through big celebrations!  We snuggled every morning on the couch in that golden moment when you just woke up and needed some Momma Time.  We snuggled when you were nervous about school.  We snuggled when you were proud about having a Blue Day!  We have snuggled through so many hours... and in those moments, I experience God's love in the most tangible of ways.  In fact, I gave you your love of snuggling, your messy side, and your social heart.

 Last night as I laid with you in your bed and we talked about really hard things, I prayed over you.  I prayed God's protection for not only your life, but over your heart.  Your special heart that is made up of all of the people I love so much.  And this story only involves "my" side of the family!  I'll let your Daddy share with you the blessings you got from Grammy and Pop... blessings that include knowledge, attention to others, persistence, and loyalty to name a few.

In your six years of life, you've had more heartache than some people have in sixty... and for that I'm so sorry.  I'm sorry that you've had people you love die, you've had people you love leave, and you've had promises broken.  As you begin this sixth year of your life, I celebrate your life and your heart.  I'm honored to be your Mom.  From the first moment we heard your heartbeat, we knew you would be special.  We had no idea just how special you would be... and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


Janie said...

Starting the day with a good cry, and loving you and yours!

Kristen said...

What a beautiful birth story! Happy Birthday, E!

Sally said...

What a beautiful story Becky! Happy 6th Birthday E!! This is our 8th wedding anniversary today too!!

Dawn Garlow said...

Wow, Becky, what a special tribute to E!!! You moved me by your words. Your love for that child pours out of you and you said some amazing beautiful things. Wonderful things that E will have to read in years to come. What a blessing YOU and Dan are to her as well. You have a lovely most adorable gift ... heaven sent to be sure!!! Thank you for sharing this with "the world." And me. :D I'm going to enjoy this blog!!

Blessings on you and your family and on E's sixth year of life!!

"Mrs. G"

Abigail said...

Happy Birthday E! So sorry to have missed the day and so glad you are a part of this world! Love you!