Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In July...

Looking back...

Chapel Hill road trip

oh, the bliss

why my Book Club rocks (and no, we weren't reading this book for our Book Club...)   (photo also titled: why I am in love with Kristina Ward.)

the Rockin' Book Club
my daughter, the photographer (with Dan's friend Anne)
my daughter, the crab.
my loves.
my silly girl
cute turtles.

and a gator.
my colors these days.

what makes a morning at the beach perfect.

in addition to the moon.

"All God's children singing 'Glory, glory, Hallelujah, He reigns'."

Tie-Dye Day ice cream break


all these girls were precious... but I could hardly handle R's face in this one.


get it.

how I saw her...

how she saw me.

and the world through her eyes is quite lovely.

Happy August, y'all...


Christy said...

Looking so great Becky!! We do have the most fabulous book club!! Hugs and love your way!

The Smittys said...

uh, nose. ring a bell? bring back any memories? i'm pretty sure that was july. ;)

Loryn Morrison said...

Yay for being a part of that fun month!!!! I'm already back in CH in my mind!! :)