Friday, August 12, 2011

Some days, you just can't plan...

Oh my word, y'all... my heart is overflowingly (it's a word, check it) full this morning.

We've had the blessing this week of some child-free time.  Elizabeth has been away at Cousin Camp and has been having a blast... while we've been enjoying date nights, long walks holding hands, sleeping late working like mad to get some order in our home.  (We kinda have enjoyed making it feel like a date... you know, a date *back* to Home Depot, a date to paint a room, a dinner date with friends who help us frantically move a treadmill and Ms. Pacman in order to get the room ready to paint...)  My heart (once I could get past Monday) has been full of peace and joy this week- in the midst of the chaos- as we continue to prepare our home for what's next.

Now, don't hear me say I'm not totally overwhelmed, 'cause I am.  But mainly I've enjoyed the calm of painting rather than my more normal routine.  I've enjoyed time to inventory my gift closet and my office.  I've enjoyed prolonged cups of coffee not interrupted by little feet coming downstairs demanding breakfast.  (But oh, how I've missed those feet, too!)  I've tried to make the most of every minute.

Monday: had a leisurely lunch with a girlfriend, then tackled my kitchen while another girlfriend sat and kept me company.
Tuesday: stayed in my PJs all day until time to go to Home Depot with Dan when he got home... all the while working like crazy upstairs.
Wednesday: paint, paint, paint downstairs... while listening to old episodes of Glee and 30 Rock.

Then along came Thursday.  My crunch day.  My last day to get things done before heading out of town. 

Yesterday was NOTHING like I'd intended. 
My morning started behind the 8-ball as I was running late for a breakfast date.  (Which, btw, was quite lovely on my new friend's screened in porch!  Oh, to not covet.)  I ran errands after breakfast, and had a brief pop-in visit with a neighbor who I've not seen in a while.  Then I hurried home to put on my painting clothes and finish work on the madness.

Just as I donned my new bummy-I-hope-no-one-sees-me-clothes, I saw two church friends walking up my sidewalk.  These friends are of the 8th and 9th grade variety... 2 girls who I have told numerous times to "come over any time!"  Guess what... they did.  We hung out for a while (after making sure it was okay with their mommas, of course) and they were joined by another kid from the youth group (who also checked in with his grandma, no worries).  While they were here I sent a quick message to one of our college students who was their youth intern this summer that said something like "hanging out with some of your cool kids!" and within 15 minutes he'd joined us.

3 hours (from the start of their visit) later, they all left.


Not sure I'd tackled my to-do list.

BUT!  While they were here, one of them and I started talking of our love of Glee and how we wanted to see the new movie.  I got online and found a midnight showing!  "Should" I go?  Heck no.  Did I go?  HECK YES!  I got our tickets squared away, and Dan and I went to run to the store then to dinner.

When I got home I had 4-ish hours before Glee time.  Whew.  Time to do that to-do list.  But because of my whole needing-rest-or-I'll-wheeze thing (stupid asthma), I opted to take a nap.  After the nap, I woke up, donned my very own McKinnley High School Glee Club T-shirt, drove to pick up my 13-y-o friend, and we went to see the SUPER fun movie.

I came home, tackled ONE THING on my to-do list, and "went to bed" (it was really a 3 hour nap.)

So, now, I'm getting ready to head out the door to go to Asheville.  And my to-do list isn't done.  A week ago, that might have thrown me for a loop.  But after all we've accomplished this week, the plan we put into place of how to finish said-list, and the peace in my heart, I'm okay with leaving it.

You see, I'd rather head out now to go to Asheville (!!!) then stay and finish up some of those things.  They will still be here when I get back.  And I am going to recharge my spirit.  My oldest friends blessed me with a spa gift certificate shortly after Mary died.  I told them that rather than using it alone, I'd save it and we could all 3 go together.  We decided we'd make a weekend of it (we've never "done" Asheville together- usually when we're home we're visiting family) and stay downtown.  So in a few short minutes, I'm off to surround myself with people I love, laughter, and mountains.  I get a quick visit in with Mom and Daddy, and one of my favorite UNCA students, too.  Other than that, I don't have a schedule.  We have spa appointments tomorrow, and dinner reservations tomorrow night.  My last 24 hours have shown me a taste of some un-scheduled fun... and have been just what I needed "to do". 

My list will be here when I get back.
And, hopefully... so will my peace.

Happy weekend, y'all.

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