Monday, May 31, 2010

Snow White?

When I was prepping E for my surgery, I told her that the doctors would put me to sleep.  She asked me if I would be in a glass box.  Apparently, my literal child thought I would "go to sleep" like Snow White did.

For such a child... it appears to be too tempting to have Mommy leave a (full) laundry basket (of clean clothes!) in your room.  This is what happens:

Yep.  She's sound asleep.  In her "fancy" dress... with a flower headband on.  And notice that Sleeping Beauty Bear is watching.  (Side note: Sleeping Beauty's dress was what E wore her first Halloween... we got the outfit from Build-A-Bear... and it was big on her.  My little preemie!)

And you might be wondering what happened to the clothes?

Guess what we'll be doing in the morning....


Tamar said...

sweet sweet sweet

Kristen said...

Oh my sweetness. Too precious. Is it just me or does she look much OLDER here?