Monday, May 10, 2010

A whole lot of praising to do...

Too much to say in a lengthy post, so today you get the Readers' Digest Version:

Mother's Day- 
Spent the day thankful for my Mom and thankful for being one.  I was in a pouty mood at one point until E and I celebrated with ice cream from the ice cream man.  That's something my Mom taught me... ice cream always tastes better from the truck.  One day when I was little the truck came and we didn't have any cash around.  (And when the truck came to my house it was a huge deal because we weren't in a "neighborhood"... just on a street!)  Mom felt so bad that we couldn't get ice cream that she put a change jar in the kitchen, stocked it with money, and we never had that issue again.  Lots and lots and lots of life lessons from Momma Janer, but that is one of the best and most tangible on this Mother's Day.

My gift from Dan-
Part of it came a day late... but we planted 2 things in honor of the pregnancies we lost in the past.  We've talked about planting something since we lost both babies, but at the time of the miscarriages, we weren't in our own house.  Now that we've been in our own space for 2 years, it was time.  And perfectly appropriate as I celebrate being a Mom that I remember the 2 babies I didn't get a chance to hold... but will one day meet and get to love on!  (Second part of the gift?  That we've worked on our yard all weekend... those of you who live near us can thank us that you no longer have to look at our jungle, and those of you who I've vented to about it can come enjoy some pretty-ness without all the whining.)

Speaking of things that'll make you cry-
Our BFFs, the Williamseseses, are adopting from Rwanda.  This weekend we got the chance to celebrate that (along with 200 other fun people!) at Fleet Feet with a "Fun Run" to help them raise their adoption money.  (Note, I didn't get to run, but got to see my sweet baby cross the finish line.)

Around $6000 was raised on the spot and more has been coming in since then.  It was so fun to see old friends, new friends, and even strangers pour out love on them.  It was also fun to see Emily Davis in her element!

More Mother's Day, Part 2-
So yesterday after a super fun picnic (and later visit from the Ice Cream Truck!) E and I had a great time making necklaces and bracelets.  At one point she said we could be twins.  Then she realized she wanted to have matching sets for her baby.  Now that we were 3 matching girls, we were "simplets".  (Apparently, that's what she heard when we taught her triplets.)

And, last but not least-
Today is 6 weeks.  Yep, 6 weeks ago RIGHT NOW I was in surgery.  They told me it'd take 6 weeks to recover.  I'm still not 100% (and he later told me it could take 6 months before I had all my energy back), but I'd say I'm at about 90-95%.  I can drive, lay on my right side for short periods of time, and go without pain meds.  (Although after the yard work we've done this weekend, I might need some!)  God has been so good and even taught me more this morning as I learned about "scars" in my Quiet Time.  He is a personal, real savior... and for that, I'm thankful.

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