Thursday, May 13, 2010


1. Ten years ago this morning, I went to Breadman's for breakfast with lots of my gal pals.

Today, I made my daughter a milkshake for breakfast (yep) because she busted open her lip and was in bad shape.

2. Ten years ago around noon-time, I became Bridezilla and snapped at women in my life because they weren't helping me put together some signs...*they* thought *their* make-up and hair were more important. (Please read with all sarcasm... I was seeing the world through Bridezilla's eyes.)

Today, I spent time with women in my life who challenge and encourage me... who hear the truth about marriage, fertility, children, and tumors.

3. Ten years ago I gave Dan a red rose, M & Ms, and Bud Light (don't tell anyone) as a pre-wedding gift.

Today I went to Target with E and bought him a Dora game for the Wii (don't tell him)... seriously... Dora.

4. Ten years ago we announced to the world that "our song" was "Breathe".

Today we announced we were day sponsors on NPR.  Also a day sponsor today?  Dr. Jeff Deaton... our fertility doctor. :)

5. Ten years ago today, Dan was violently ill (no jokes please) during and after our wedding.  Apparently finishing up his Second Year and getting married the same week were a lot to ask of a guy.

Today, I am pleasantly getting healthier by the moment... tumor-free and thankful.

6. Ten years ago tonight, one of my besties had to come to Dan's rescue by bringing meds to our apartment on our wedding night.  (Niiiice.)

Tonight, someone will come to our house to take care of our daughter so we can go out to eat.

7. Ten years go today, I woke up beside my bestie (Andrea spent the night after the rehearsal with me.)

Today, I woke up with E getting in bed with me.

8. Ten years ago today, I watched my "family" at HillSong transform the wedding site into the reception site in a matter of minutes.

Today, I'm barely able to transform my couch into a couch and not a laundry resting site.

9. Ten years ago today, we joked that people were placing bets on whether or not we would make it.  (We'd only dated 2.5 months before we got engaged... 6 total before we were married.)

Today, we're thinking some people have to pay up.  (Who's buying the first round at Bub's?)

10. Ten years ago today, I put on a white dress (that I really didn't like, to be honest... but you get what you get when you have a super quick engagement period) and got to marry my best friend.

Today, I'm putting on a different dress (that I kinda like, to be honest... but you get what you get when you buy things on sale) and going to dinner with my best friend.  We've survived loss; we've celebrated blessings.  We've trudged through hard times; we've coasted through easy ones.  We've come to learn the importance of counseling; we've come to appreciate living in community.  We've lost 2 babies; we're raising a healthy (hysterical) one now.  We've lived in 5 homes; we've lived in 2 cities.  We've barely been able to pay bills; we've lived in abundance.  We've made new friends; we've lost old ones.  We've taken up new hobbies; we've rid ourselves of bad habits.  We've started new ministries; we've ended ministries. We've made fun of each other, laughed together, fought together, kissed and made up, and become "one" together.  And for that, I'm thankful.

A (near) perfect ten... here's to Good Enough.


Kristen said...

So, I feel like a dunce...I had no idea it was your anniversary when I stopped by! Congratulations on your decade of love!

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

Hi there! I am visiting from Triad Smarty Pants. Love your blog!