Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Success at my Job

One of the things my Mom passed down to me was a desire to be successful.  Mom used to take me to work with her some weekends when she had stuff to get done.  The highlights for me involved getting to use the typewriter (yep) and having that wonderfully sweet hot chocolate from the machine in the breakroom.  ($0.35 never tasted so good.)  She was very accomplished at her job (I still don't know exactly what she did, but her business cards said she was the "Director of Europe", so we'll just go with "Czar" for her profession) and I grew up respecting her for that.

She taught me that I could do anything and be anything.  She never said "even though you're a girl" or any modified pep talk "in light" of my gender- I truly never knew my gender ever had anything assigned to it by the world other than I got to wear dresses when I wanted to.  "Women's rights" wasn't something I even knew about until I was taught it in school... it just was in my house.  My Mom was pretty "forward thinking", as was my church.  (Women deacons?  Gasp!  The outrage!)

My first "real" job was on church staff in Chapel Hill.  Here in Winston, I've had 3 jobs: nannying for a year for a precious, sweet boy; working at the Ronald McDonald House; and now staying home with Elizabeth.  In the future, I'd love to get back into a more "formal" sort of ministry.  But for now, here's my full-time ministry... and I freakin' love it.

I spend my days loving on this beautiful gift from God.  We waited 4.5 years for her... and she was worth every second.  I have no idea what the future holds for our family and I'm okay with that.  Right now, E and I are having a low-key day at home.  We've been reading books and watching Sesame Street.  Later, we'll make Rice Krispy treats.  Maybe I'll even put up some laundry while she naps... we'll see.  And for now, I'll claim days like today as successful.  No performance review from my employer... but a success nonetheless.  Score one for my forward thinking mom who taught me I could be anything... she taught me how to be a Mother.

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