Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jesus has homework...

... if you were wondering.

How do I know?

Because Elizabeth called heaven yesterday.

On our way to Raleigh, we started talking about how much we both miss Nanny.  When I tried to impersonate Nanny's infectious laugh and E and I were both crying, she said she wished she could talk to her again... so she picked up her fake phone (the strap on her carseat) and called heaven.  Here was the play-by-play.

E: "I just dialed God's number.... now it's ringing.... Okay, Jesus answered... I asked to speak to Nanny... Hi, Nanny!  I miss you!  I wish you could come back to the earth.  What?  Oh, okay... I love you... bye.

Mommy, Nanny said she had to go because she had to help Jesus with His homework."

Me: "What kind of homework did He have?"

E: "I don't know... something about a lot of mail paperwork."

So, if you've sent a letter to Jesus lately, know that a response is on it's way... He's got some help from a great tutor.

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