Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Girl Likes to Party All The Time...

E had her first sleepover last night with her buddy, Ella.  E has been asking for a sleepover forever, and we offered this one as a "help" to Ella's mom who has a one-month old at home (and a 2-year-old... but we weren't so much help there...), but let's be real... this was more to "help" Elizabeth.

The girls were hysterical.  They played while we got dinner ready, played after dinner, gave us a fashion show, watched half of a movie and went to bed just when I told them to.  Then, 2 hours later after loads of giggles, I laid down on E's bed with her to help them calm down a bit- and within 5 minutes they were asleep (and I was out in 10... then I moved to my own bed.)  This morning, they came- full speed, full volume- into our bedroom to let me know that they'd heard a noise downstairs and went to investigate but when they got there realized that no one was there and that we'd just left on a lamp and did we not know that leaving on a lamp means wasting energy.  (Whew.)  I apologized for my energy wasting, groggily stumbled downstairs to press "play" on the paused DVD, and fumbled my way to the coffee pot.  (Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me to buy coffee yesterday while I was in Target.)

We've got a full morning ahead, but the overnight part?  Total success.  And the girls' behavior?  Success.

I pray for Elizabeth's friendships on a regular basis.  I pray that she would make good choices in those friendships- that she would associate with people who will build her up and not tear her down.  I remember too vividly what hard moments I had in friendships (and sometimes still have, to be honest) and I want her to be surrounded to people who bring out the best in her, and vice versa.

If last night is any indication, it's never too early to pray this... because God blessed their time together in big ways.  And let's not lie- these two have loved each other like siblings for their entire little lives... sometimes not being as kind to each other as necessary.  But last night they were so excited to be in each other's presence that none of that mattered... they just loved each other.

It may take me 14 days to get our house put back together, but I think it's all worth it... and I'm looking forward to this being the first of many sleepovers.  If only I could bottle up all these giggles for a rainy day....


Anonymous said...

oh my word. mega tears in my eyes, friend.
thanks for sharing about your night and your sweet prayers. LHS.
PS. Do little boys ever have sleep overs? I don't know these things.

sherri said...

sweet! glad it went well! we still haven't done our first sleepover yet.

Gavri said...

This is really sweet, Becky. :)