Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Mary...

Today, March 29th, is significant for multiple reasons.

The small one first: one year ago RIGHT NOW, I was sitting at WFUBMC getting ready to have a non-cancerous tumor (and an itty-bitty part of my kidney) removed.  Only by the grace of God am I even able to refer to this as the "small" issue in my life.  At the time it was all consuming... now, it is just another tale in my life story.

The bigger significance of today's date is that it is Mary Piercy Waldrup's birthday.  As someone so eloquently put it at her memorial on Friday, "This is the first birthday she is with our Lord."... and what a celebration I know it is today in heaven!  Elizabeth asked me a couple of weeks ago who would bake Nanny her birthday cake and if Jesus would get her birthday gifts.  I am certain that how ever she celebrates today, it will be greater than we can ever imagine.

Would you help me celebrate Mary's life and legacy?  I would be honored if today, March 29th, you would join my Race for the Cure team.  If you are unable to join it, would you consider donating in Mary's memory?

This is us, last March, celebrating with a Dewey's pink lemonade cake.  Today, if you were one of the fortunate ones who knew Mary, raise a glass (of boxed wine if you have it!) in her memory... and give if you can.  We all appreciate you.

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The Smittys said...

i'm going to need some more of those bracelets. i love that her sweet legacy lives one!