Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stalk new friends, but keep the old...

So, I haven't had the time yet to tell you all about our cruise.

We stumbled upon a super amazing deal for a Disney Cruise that just happened to be during the time Dan was in-between jobs.  Oh, and it happened to be during Elizabeth's birthday week.  Not at all a hard decision whether or not to go... it was the perfect time.

The first night, as we were leaving the theater after the "welcome show", Dan said, "Um... is that your boyfriend?  You know, the one from Hoop De Doo?"  Why, yes... yes I think it is.

We went to Hoop De Doo at Disney our first year.  We had such a good time, we went back this past year.  In our opinion, Sixbits Slocum (featured above) was the star of the show.  He was hilarious... and totally "worked" the crowd.  After our first year, we referred to him either as my boyfriend or my best friend, depending on the moment.

So when Dan spotted him on the cruise... I knew it was fate.

That first night after spotting him, I couldn't figure out when to talk to him... but I knew I had to.  He was on the cruise as a guest, not a "Cast Member", so I needed to be thoughtful of his vacation time... but I knew it would be in our best interest to meet.  His and mine.  Yep.

We went to dinner that first night.  Our 8-top table?... just the Johnstons.  The other family didn't show up.  Our hopes of our new cruise best friends that we'd share meals with each night- instantly crushed.  But who was, like 3 tables over?

That's Dan's shoulder.  And then some other people.  Then my boy/best friend is in the 
blue sweater vest.  Yep.  Continuing to FULLY enjoy his tablemates.  
Not that mine weren't great... but....

A couple of days went by.  He would pass us and Dan would crack up at the look of panic that came over me.  It was like I was star struck.  I couldn't spend the whole cruise like this.

Then it happened... we met.  One day when E was in the kids' area and Dan was at a lecture, I was at the pool with refreshments and a book.  One of them gave me courage... and I can tell you this, it wasn't literary.  I put my book down and right as he got in the pool, I went over and said those dorky, embarrassing words: "Hi. I recognize you from Disney World.  I think you're hysterical."  (I blushed just reliving the moment in my head as I wrote that.)

He laughed, introduced himself (his real name is Ben! not Sixbits!) and we had a wonderful chat for 30 minutes or so.  I learned that he has moved to another location at WDW... that he can see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from his backyard... that he's originally from Pennsylvania.  He learned that I went to Africa this summer... and that... I, well, think he's hysterical.

We had a great conversation... then it happened... I realized my hopes and dreams may not come true.  We might (gasp!) not instantly become best friends.  I know, I know... hard to believe... but it's true.

As we saw each other throughout the rest of the cruise we'd always say "hi" and briefly chat (his promptness to get away might possibly have something to do with the fact that a strange woman from North Carolina had trapped him in the pool earlier)... but we weren't best friends.

Until the last night.

Our last 3-minute conversation was fun and bubbly and magical and funny and charming.

And so the dream is still alive.

So, Ben... wherever in Florida you are... even though we didn't exchange information... and you told me you weren't on Facebook... and you may think you're safe... just know this:  I'm coming back to the Magic Kingdom in January.  And I'm sure I'll find you again.  Just accept it... I'm a good stalker.  And I make a good best friend, too.

Me and my Bestie, Ben.

Watch out, Jen Hatmaker... I'm comin' for you next....


Anonymous said...

Totally love your story! I've seen him In Disney, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh God. This guys is the best 6Bits that I've ever seen. He always makes us laugh everytime. If he was on our dream cruise (just sailed during Christmas) I'd have been all over making him my "bestie!"

Anonymous said...

I've seen that guy many times! I totally love him! You're so lucky to have met him!

Anonymous said...

He's awesome, and you write beautifully!