Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Dinner

I try to be mindful of being one of "those" bloggers... you know... the ones that tell all the amazing things their families do... where they only post pictures of clean houses, made beds, healthy dinners, amazing vacations, gorgeous children, organized projects.  I mean, y'all know that's how I roll, right?  So why rub it in your face?

Or... that's not my life at all... so why only show you the super amazing moments and hide the hard things from the world?

But, tonight I'm gonna tell you about one of the good ones.  If you've had a crappy day and stumbled upon my blog to feel better about how my life is such a train wreck... move on.  Tonight all is well.

I've mentioned before that there are moments that I *know* Dan is just who God wanted for me.  (And, to be totally honest, in moments I need people around me to remind me that he is.  Keeping it real...)  A few months ago as he was determining what was next for his career, he opted to go back to a 4-day work week.  Yes, it's wonderful.  Yes, we enjoy that extra day with him around.  Yes, having a 5-day work week pay check would be nice... but this is where we are.

Part of his decision to have this schedule was for us to make the most of every moment of our world- including deciding how such a schedule could affect our entertaining.  He asked me if it would be okay with me if, since he would have Fridays off, we could commit to making Thursday nights "Family Dinner Night".  His thought was that each Thursday we'd invite another family to join us for dinner... not a dinner party, not a spotless home, not a fancy meal... just a family dinner.  In hopes to better get to know our friends better.  In hopes to enjoy real community.  In hopes to use our home and our love of entertaining to enjoy those around us.

Since his job began 5 weeks ago, we've only had 2 Family Dinners.  Book Club was one Thursday, Thanksgiving another, and last week we were just too exhausted to make it happen.  But tonight we opened our home to some old friends... meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli, rolls, sugar cookies and hot chocolate... birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, a choking child, a little girl's dress that wouldn't stay up... nothing formal, nothing fancy, nothing life-changing... but, y'all... it was good.

This brings our family such happiness.  It's what we're good at... and we hope to get the chance to enjoy a meal with you all sometime soon.

We'll just deal with the dishes later...

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