Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh, middle-of-the-night-wake-ups, why do you taunt me?  I thought once E slept through the night we were good to go.  But, no, Webster barked and needed to go out... then I took some Albuterol and there was *no* turning back.  So the logical thing to do?  Fiddle on my blog.

I constantly re-arranged my room growing up.  Usually I would do it in the middle of the night (when my mom was least likely to bust me) while I was on Prednisone.  In college, my roomie and I used "productive" time to re-arrange... like when we should have been studying for exams.  Now, I re-arrange stuff when it gets on my nerves.  The other day I said to Dan "What would you think about moving furniture around in our bedroom?" to which he replied, "I would think you should get a new hobby."

It's what I do.

So when it was time to kick this blog up a notch and get serious about some writing, I contacted my good pal Sherri to fix me a header.  And viola... looky here, she did.

I've spent the last bit playing with colors and backgrounds.  I mean, if you people are gonna spend some virtual time with me, I want to look pretty for you.

(Warning: public service announcement ahead:) Contact Sherri for all your bloggity-blog needs.  She's good people, she'll do you right.  .

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