Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Days like this...

In the grand scheme of life... I can't complain right now.

But I'm going to.

So here goes.

Exhibit A: On my way back from Dollar General tonight (had to get more safety pins for E's school's clothing sale), Dan's "Service Engine" light came on.  Seriously.  We had *just* said that we would have to get a new (to us) car the next time something happens to that car.  We cannot afford to continue to pour money into it.  (And did I mention our lawnmower died last week?  Yep.  Dead.)

Exhibit B: I went up in the attic to get stuff down for the sale and almost had a panic attack... I kept thinking I was gonna fall out.  And that would be reason enough to get wheezey, but add to that (Exhibit Pre-A) that I went to the pulmonologist earlier today to find I have an Upper Respiratory Infection... I'm on a Z-pack and Prednisone.  Rawesome.

Exhibit C: While we were upstairs, we realized our air conditioning isn't working.  Which would be great, since it's fall now, right?  And not the 900 degree summer?  Except that because of Exhibit Pre-A, I can't have a house with open windows  right now... pollen count and all.  Super.

Exhibit A.1: Dan leaves to drive across the state on Thursday... with his jacked up car.

Exhibit A+C: We are trying to save for a deck... because ours is about to FALL OFF OF OUR HOUSE AND SOMEONE WILL DIE AND SUE US AND THEN... wait... I get ahead of myself.  Seriously, our deck is ruined... and now that money will have to go to a car payment and a new AC Unit.

So, in the midst of 4 hours of chaos... what can I learn from this?
1. That Emily's Dad was wrong... I should NOT have been a lawyer.  Clearly, did you people see how I laid out evidence?  Shameful.

2. That God and Ryan Murphy love me more than the rest of you, because together they brought a FREAKIN-FANTASTIC episode of Glee tonight.  "Mr. Shue, I want your babies!"  Priceless.

3. That whether or not we get a deck (any of you want to build one in exchange for free ice breakers?), we are in such a better financial place than we were 9 years ago... I can't complain.  Well, I can (see above Exhibits), but I shouldn't.

4. That putting together cute invitations to a cute Halloween party is soothing... I really should do more of this these days.

5. That looking through E's old clothes makes me aware how blessed we are.

and... wait for it...

6. That SIX MONTHS ago I was getting ready to have surgery to remove my tumor.  And despite this junky night, I'm thankful I'm not there...   It's frustrating to be here, but I'm not in the hospital, yelling profanities (whoops) at nurses whose job in life it was to hurt me, in too much pain to cry, and away from my girl.  Instead, I'm at home with my family.

I'll take it.

And, once again, after hanging up with one of my oldest and dearest friends (preschool! Brownie camp!), I watched this:

I've seen it about 10 times today... and it still makes me smile.  And about 10 yesterday.  If I can teach E this... I'll be doing okay.  (Yes, I know I posted it as a link yesterday, but come on... can you stand how cute it is?)

Sometimes it takes old friends who you've shared 32 years of life with to remind you of that... and to just hear them laugh.  And while I'm at it, here's one of my favorite pics of all time:

Aunt Christy and E (9 months) Girls Weekend 2007
Good times.

ps... I guess this is 6.a.  I go back in to the doctor's in a couple of weeks for a check-up and to monitor the growth of those other little tumors they saw.  I sure would appreciate those prayers...  no innocent nurses need to deal with me again in the future...

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Jenni S. said...

I'm sorry that yesterday was so rough, Becky. I'll pray today that God can meet all of your needs. And keep you away from nurses.