Friday, November 19, 2010

My Girl

Since the last posts have been heavy-ish, it's time to whip out some good ol' E stories to lighten the mood.

(yesterday, on our way to church)
E: Momma, are you thinking about Nanny?
me: Not right now, why... are you?
E: Yes.  I'm thinking that she's probably having a snack.
me: What do you think she's having?
E: She's probably having a sandwich with Jesus.
(upon retelling this story later to Dan, he, too, said he envisions heaven this way.  complete with sandwiches.)

(today, on the way home from school, with friend- Nate- in the backseat)
Nate: I dropped it! (some noodle thing he had)
E: It's okay, Nathan...
Nate: Is God down there? (in the hole where the noodle thing fell.)
E: Yep.  He's everywhere.  But you can't really see Him.
Nate: Why not?
E: Because He's that big.
Nate: I'm taller than God.
E: Maybe... but probably not.

(most every day)
E: Daddy/Mommy... are you going to read me a Bed-Night Story?
E: I have sugar bumps!  (Shiver bumps.)
E: I'm so tired... I can't wait to fall wide asleep.

How I love this girl.

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sherri said...

I think that photo should be the cover for her new wave band's first (of many, I hope) album.