Monday, November 29, 2010

not your average Monday...

So, to the best of my knowledge, my Dad said he "might" come on Monday... but that he'd let me know.

This was how today played out:

6:40- wake up, let the dogs out
6:50- work on dishes from dinner last night that I hadn't finished
7:10- play on FB
7:20- E wakes up, wants to play with dogs
7:30- shower, get self ready while E plays with dogs
8:00- get E ready, pack lunch
8:20- get ready to leave, then Abby's Flying Fairy School comes on, so I agree to wait a bit, which makes us on the verge of being late
8:21- justify waiting, because Mom calls and I can talk to her while E watches AFFS
8:26- now late, rush out door, fasten E in carseat
8:27- phone rings... it's Daddy... he's about 2 exits from W-S.  Super... because I have a DR's appointment at 8:45... and I'm 100% sure he won't want to go with me to said-appointment.
8:30- drop E at friend's house who will take her to school
8:35- drive quickly to DR's appointment
8:50- arrive at appointment late, because that's the way the morning played out... I blame Abby Cadabby.
**Doctor's Appointment- fairly typical- except I do burst into tears when she asks "So how have you been lately?"  Yep... that's all it takes.  We talk about Mary, then she asks if I've had any new health concerns this year.  I say no.  Then I remember... "Oh wait!  Yeah, I did have a 6 cm. tumor on my kidney in March.  Want to see the scar?"**
9:30ish- drive as fast as I can to meet Daddy at the church where he is waiting on me
9:30-10:00- introduce him around church, proud of him for the moment he uses the word "butt" because he realized he was in church
10:00-12:00- run errands with Daddy: Costco, Target, Verizon, bank, go pick up carseat
12:00-1:00- lunch with Daddy
1:00- pick up E at school
1:00-1:45 play with Alphie, E, and Dadaw
1:45- Daddy/Dadaw leaves, and my heart is full

Now, other than the dishes that got done first thing this morning, I haven't gotten jack done today.  And, believe me, I have TONS to do.

But you know what?  I've had the best day.

Over the last month I've realized how unimportant even my important "things to do" are.  Far more important is spending time with the people I love the most in life... and today was a beautiful example of that.  So even though I was a bit surprised that Daddy arrived when he did, who cares.  What a freeing way to live- to live in the moment and enjoy the people around you.

I am *sure*, because I learn things so easily, that this novel idea will stick.  I'm sure I will put my to-do list on hold when I need to, right?

(You're welcome to call my bluff when it's appropriate.)


Renee said...

Do you mind if we have a talk some time about various and sundry things? We still have that Cafe Roche gift card.

sherri said...

whew! i swear E. grew three inches over break, saw her in passing at school...glad you got to see your dad and had fun despite to do lists not being crossed off. :)