Thursday, November 18, 2010

So how'd that work out for you? (again)

Wowsers... you post a little entry about people letting you down and you'd think I'd blamed everyone I know for killing my cat.  Except I don't have a cat.  Here's how all of this went down.

People tended to do one of three things:
1. Immediately rush to tell me they were sorry they'd let me down.  (Because, of course, it was them.)

2. Immediately rush to tell me they were sure it wasn't about them, but they were sorry anyway.

3. Send sweet comforting words, which were coming on their own time-table, not mine, and were well received.

If you have to ask... I liked 2 and 3 the best.  1 just made me laugh a lot.  Several of my favorite responses went like this:

"I'm not vain enough to think you were writing about me... but if you were, I'm truly sorry."  (And for that, friend, I love you.  I love your honesty, your sensitivity, and your own way to care for me.)

"I've realized that you love people so differently than I do... and that even though it's not how I 'do things', that I need to get over myself and do something."  (Seriously, so genuine... so heartfelt... so above and beyond... and I appreciate it.)

"I'm gonna answer the phone every time you call... 'cause if I don't, you'll blog about me."  (Dern right, heifer.)

"I'm scared of you."  (quoted: John Williams.  And he is.  I'm going to write an entire blog entry on him later.  Because I make him shake in his boots.)

Again, people, my last entry was not a finger pointing at you, it was a finger wagging at me.  I'm using my blog to share with you what I'm learning... not what you need to learn.  Got that?


Right now, I'm learning these things:
1. When I spend lots of time with my Daddy, I talk like him.  Accent, mannerisms, and all.

2. I'm loving reconnecting with old friends.

3. I'm loving connecting with ones I haven't lost connection with, too.

4. I love that I live 14 houses down from some of the best friends I've ever had... and that their family can pop in for dinner at a moment's notice.

5. I love laughing with girlfriends at church... even when we get busted doing it.

6. I love that 3 MOMS sessions from now, I'll be teaching.  Gotta work on that.

7. I love ice breakers.

8. I'm enjoying having a "new" cell phone... that was previously loved well.

9. I'm reading a great book right now, and will likely finish it in the next couple of hours.

10. Most of all, I'm loving Anne Rudert for sending me this.

And that's what I'm learning.  Now, what about you?  (And, for sure, if you put something vague?  I'll jump to the conclusion it's about me.  KIDDING... zeesh.)


Leigh Anne said...

you know you gotta tell me what book you are reading!!!
love you :-)

sherri said...

Oooh, I don't do ice breakers. well. I once went to a party and said, Hi' may name is ....(my name) to someone and then realized I didn't have a damn thing else to say and walked off. The person must have thought I was running for office. I've learned I should keep my mouth shut.

Hoping for Suburbia said...
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