Monday, January 24, 2011

God is Good.

Want to know about my day?  Fine, I'll tell you.

I am mildly overwhelmed.  We are headed on a trip soon... I have lots to do before then... I am making a trip home in the next couple of days to check on my dad (who broke some ribs by falling on ice! ouch!)... yeah, there's a lot going on.  This is one of those days where I "need"ed to be task focused and get a lot done so that later I'm not overwhelmed.  Oh, and have I mentioned I have asthma that gets worse with stress?  Cause I do.  And it does.

So anyways, I got up this morning and had some good morning time with E... some days are restful, some are rushed.  Today was just good.  I took her to school where I went in to see some of my favorite MMP ladies (the staff there is awesome), then went to brunch at a new friend's house.  She'd invited a bunch of us a few weeks ago, but that date got snowed out, so we rescheduled for today.  It was super: good food, great conversation... an overall nice time.  We laughed about our crazy families, our cute kids, and our amazingly clean houses.  Okay, some of that was embellished, but...

I left there and went to lunch (did I say I left brunch and went to lunch?  yep, I did.) with one of my favorite friends who is heading on the adventure of a lifetime.  She and her husband have been obedient to God's call on their lives and they are packing up and heading out to Botswana!  It's so amazing to see where He has brought them (and us, for that matter) in the 8+ years of our friendship... and now to see them ready to head to Africa to fulfill His plan for them.  Just... amazing.  And lunch at Cherries to boot?  Double amazing.

I left there, ran to Target to get some last minute stuff for our Disney trip, then went to Music Class with E at school.

We came home and were blessed with some time with my favorite 18 month old, Emma.  Big E hung out with Little E this afternoon and continued to kiss and hug her the whole time that she was here.  Presh.

As soon as Emma was picked up, we headed back over to my Brunch Friend's house to get a LOAD of princess stuff.  She had loaned us a Cinderella dress (see above... the big one... because E thought she could still wear the little one) this morning, and when her daughter (L) got home from school and heard that my E was excited about that, decided she was finally ready to part with some more things.  (That was an insanely long sentence.)  And we are the proud recipients of All Things Princess in this house.  Here's what I love about that: as soon as we left, it finally clicked with E that when I tell her to pass on her things she's outgrown, it could bring someone as much joy as inheriting L's stuff brought her.  Sometimes she acts like I'm just out to get her to make her get rid of stuff (and let's be honest, sometimes I am)... but now she's so excited to go through her things to pass on to other kids.

We left there, grabbed a quick dinner, then I came home to head up the street to pick up my Gal Pal to head for our weekly Bible Study group time.  We used to meet on Friday mornings, but that got tricky... so we're aiming for Monday nights now.  And, other change, we're aiming to use that time to pray.  And, (lots of "and"s here,) pray we did.  It's a beautiful thing to spend a couple of hours with people you know and love best in the presence of God.  Sandy Mercer first showed me that beautiful near-out-of-body experience in her classroom years ago... it's amazing to be part of it with these women... just beautiful.

I came home to the news that one of my favorite childhood friends- who has had multiple heartbreaks of miscarriage- is pregnant.  That news thrills my soul.  She will be a terrific momma... and it's about dern time.

All in all, my day was... well... beautiful.  I got to be a part of friendships, excitement, tasks, prayer, blessing... it's just cool.  It's neat to be right in the middle of where God is moving.  Sometimes you learn from those who are there in His midst.  Sometimes you get to be still before Him.  And sometimes... you just get swept away in His goodness.

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