Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hark, The Sound....

I've lived in 3 places my whole life.  Asheville, Chapel Hill, and now Winston.  Asheville was the longest, ringing in at 18.5 years.  Chapel Hill made it 8 years.  And now, I've been in Winston 8.5... longer than Chapel Hill.  Weird.

Usually if I say I'm "homesick", it's for Asheville... which I love.  But Winston has truly become home now, and I'm content here.

Tonight, however, I'm homesick for the land of Carolina Blue.

I came home from a super time with some girlfriends at the call of Dan telling me that Elizabeth had thrown up three times.  At last count, we're up to eight nine.

From the time that E was born, I would sing her some of my favorite songs as lullabies.  Sure, we had the traditional "Rock-a-bye Baby" and "Hush Little Baby", but our own songs were "Elizabeth" by the Statler Brothers, "Carolina In My Mind" by James Taylor, "My Jesus, I Love Thee" by any good Baptist Hymnal, and "Hark, The Sound"... by any self-respecting Carolina Grad.

In between wiping her mouth and rinsing out the trashcan tonight, I've been singing my baby "my" lullabies.  What calms her most- which was the only song that would soothe her when she was colicky- is "Hark The Sound".  After getting soothed myself in the music (which happens to be the same tune they sing at the end of "Dirty Dancing"... "at Kellerman's the friendships last long as the mountain stands"), I decided to try to find a good rendition on YouTube.  Home of all good media, right?

Looking through all of the Chapel Hill "stuff", I got sucked in... and I got homesick.

So, coming to you live from Mommy's Bed of Sick Girls, I bring you: my blue heaven.

It's amazing to me that 8.5 years later, I can conjure up memories from EVERY place he films.  Each step/location has something associated with it.  Amazing.

I'm sad this starts late, because I know E would love this version.

I cry nearly every time I watch this.

And somehow, I stumbled upon this one...

All you haters?  This post is not for you.  Seriously.  I'm not trying to begin some ACC fight, I don't want to hear your thoughts on my alma mater's basketball team, I am not looking to discuss your thoughts on your school versus mine.

This post is for me... and for those of you who understand that there is nothing better than Cheddar Munchers with an Orangeade at Sutton's; those know know that peeing in an alley on Franklin Street on Halloween somehow feels normal; those that think that Cafe Trio Shakes were straight from heaven; those who know that beer tastes better in a Blue Cup or at Bub's; whose who understand that the Old Well really can be beautiful every day; those of you, like me, that can smell your dorm lobby if you think about it really hard... and who miss (Janice) who cleaned; those of us fortunate enough to understand that the omelets at "Downstairs Lenoir" can rival those at Grove Park Inn; those of you who experienced the Pit Preacher who pissed you off and made you sad in the same moment; those of you who knew that magic could happen in the Upstairs Union or in Large Group; those of you who spent hours in Suite C; those of you who thought that the Undergrad was super fun to hang out in... and you're jealous of those whippersnappers that get to do Flash Mobs there; those of you that wondered why the crap you had to walk allll the way across campus to get to Student Health; those of us who remember that the walk home from the Dean Dome was either a magical moment or... well, miserable; those of us that giggled every time you passed someone doing the walk of shame- unless it was you; those that still call it "Smurf Village" even though there is some other sign out front; those that miss The Ultimate from Yogurt Pump; and those of you who know what a perfect spring day feels like... this post, my friend, is for you.

I'm a Tarheel born.


sonja said...

Thanks. Now that "It would be nice to be there" feeling I get every time I watch a home game is full blown homesickness...You made me cry.
What's up with all the kids puking this year? My never before sick kids have each got two rounds of it so far. It needs to stop. Hope she get better fast.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

This was fun for me to read too. My daughter is at Carolina right now and her memories are in the making as we speak. Such a wonderful place to go to school. Glad to see that your memories are still so fresh!

Morgan said...
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Morgan said...

My friend Danielle Messenger shared this with me because, since i'm a carolina grad (05 baby) she knew i'd appreciate it....and let me tell you...every video...every word...made me cry!!!!! the best memories ever!!! I especially enjoyed the part about peeing on halloween. duh. love it! HEELS. born and bred.

beckyheel said...

yay! thanks, Morgan... I was definitely in the CH zone the other day. it's hard to believe I've been gone 8 years! such memories. and Sonja? sorry, no intention on tears for you... Lord knows I had enough for us both! Lisa, tell her if she needs a buddy for a game, I'll be happy to come. :)

bekah brinkley said...

AMEN!!! i still bleed Carolina Blue and swell with pride at the slightest sign of Carolina. and Asheville is my hometown. North Carolina is home. thanks for such a fun post!