Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what I love

Just a quick post... to tell you what I love...

1. College students.  I know that's not a shock to most of you, but I'll say it again.  Heck, I'll SCREAM it.  I LOVE COLLEGE STUDENTS.  And know what's cool about getting to know people when they are college students?  Some of them keep you around for a long time even after college.  Today, I got to hang with one of my favorites... from 9 years ago.

David, back row, third in from the left, somehow hasn't been able to shake me.  We met his freshman year at UNC when I was the College Minister.  Not only did we fall in love with David, but he fell in love with us.  I was able to hang with his sweet, social self... and Dan?  Well, Dan was able to hang with his (ahem) nerdy self.  (Come on, David, you know it's true.)  The three of us formed quite a unique bond and haven't been able to get rid of each other yet.  His precious wife came in the mix a few years back... well, we met her when she was his crush then his girlfriend... let me tell you, they are a perfect mix.  Today, they were in town with a family member who was being seen at Baptist and I got to have 30 good minutes of David and Sarah time.  Joy of Joys.

2. Shopping.  I won't lie... I love it.  I love it for me, I love it for you.  Right now, I love it for kids.  While I was at Target getting the final stuff for our trip, I made sure that Tinkerbell was stocked for the treats she leaves in our room.  She also found some things for some friends going to Disney in another week, and both of us (me and Tink) got pretty excited about it.  (My love language?  Gifts.  Shocking.)
you sassy pixie, you...

3. The smell of my Mom's lasagna.  It's what's for dinner.

4. Seeing tell me that Monday it'll be 74 degrees where I'll be.

5. That I have multiple boxes of Jen Hatmaker's books to take to MOMS tomorrow.

6. Brewing a fresh pot of coffee in the afternoon.  Thanks, Jenny Pie, for the amazing treat.

7. That try as I might, when I need to get a whole list of things done, I still feel like it's exam week and I'm procrastinating... now by blogging.

8. Wrapping presents.  (See #2)

9. That E sang "Cruella DeVille" on the way home from school and immediately needed to watch the movie.

10. iTunes.  It's what procrastination is next.  Gotta have some good tunes for our upcoming car ride.

What do you love?


RLR said...

#1 - I still have a very special student/friend from my days of working in higher ed. She just had her second baby. So, much as I love 'em, they make me feel a little... old.
#6 - I usually don't have coffee in the PM, but my sweet hubby made some for us both when he saw that I was dragging...
#8 - Yes! But I don't care to shop - go figure.
And my new additions -
I love getting lost in a book (for hours!)
I love a hot bath, with said book in hand.
Peanut butter (especially if it's wrapped in chocolate).
"Do-nothing nights" - like tonight, when my whole family will be hanging out at home and dinner family will take place around our table, not one at Chick-Fil-A.
My bloggy (and IRL!) friends!

Michael said...

What I love:

1. gadgets...of all types
2. watching Abbey's basketball team
3. Anything Caleb makes me
4. Watching Evan do the "strike" dance during XBox Kinect tournments
5. Lasagna, home made mac&cheese
6. My Droid X.
7. Shopping online (for gadgets)
8. Anything that makes me laugh hard
9. Writing something and reading what I wrote as though I didn't now who wrote it.
10. Backpacking with a backpacking dog who carries my gadgets.