Friday, January 21, 2011

Growing Up.

Twice this week I've had people tell me I'm "growing up".  In a good way.

The most recent "growing up" moment was tonight before I went to hang out with some cool ladies and paint pottery.  I came downstairs and said to Dan, "I look different than I've ever looked before.  I'm not in any way claiming to be trendy, funky, or anything of the sort... but I feel like I look more like myself than I've ever looked, and I'm not sure why that is."  Dan said, "It's not because of your fun hair, or because of your fun new bling... it's because you are growing up, and you're comfortable in your own skin."


So in the midst of my growing up-ness, let it be known that I am not totally grown up.  I still giggled in a horribly inappropriate way tonight with one of my favorite girls about the offensive-ness of my initials.

But I am grown up enough to appreciate that spending a Friday night with women from all stages of life is just as much fun as getting cute to go to Frat Court... and here's some proof of my good time:

 one of my favorite sights...
 our birthday girl friend!
some of the best ladies I know... 


Michael said...

There's something to be said for being comfortable in your own skin. You are becoming....most people just "are".

God does amazing things with "becoming" people. Rock on.

Rachel H said...

How fun! Now don't grow up TOO much, that will make me sad. :)

ourmethodology said...

This makes me wanna cry...I miss every one of those smiley faces! Looks like you had a super fun time!!

sherri said...

so funny - been meaning to tell you that the second woman in the picture I met the other day at chik-fil-a and we put together that we both know you. she was super nice!