Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Whenever I read a book, I find myself bizarrely compelled to read the acknowledgements.  Like I'm gonna know who they are giving a shout-out to or something.  Usually I feel like I can get a better understanding of the author as a person that way... and sometimes I do "know" who they are talking about.  (Jen Lancaster and Stacey Ballis reference each other... and I read both of their stuff, so that counts, right?)  I also love to read the dedication because, same thing, even though I don't likely know who it's "to", it often makes me smile/cry.  (Unless it's Wayne Caldwell, then I know his people.  And *that*, my friends, is fun.)

So, since I will likely never be in print (or at least won't be for a loooong time), I thought I should just go ahead and give my blog it's "Acknowledgements" page.


First and foremost, thanks to my Mom for understanding that while the bulk of what I say on here probably makes her cringe, it's not intended to.  Thanks for teaching me to be who I am, even if this is who I am.  To Daddy- thanks for the ability to laugh at myself... and "thanks" for not giving me a bigger filter.  And, Mary- thanks for being true to your word and never trying to be my mom, but for being my friend and so much more.  Chris- thanks for not calling me Dufus anymore... and for bringing 2 new people into my family.  To my high school girls- for making me giggle when I just think about you... especially you, Mis, and that picture I'm being so good about not commenting on.  To my IV Pals- thanks for teaching me to rein it in when I need to.  I probably need to more. Dan G- thanks for being my rock of truth and teaching me that someone would be.  Ea- thanks for all of the "just one more thing"s that have gotten us through 15 years of very important things... I've got a lifetime of them still waiting, though.  Bubs Boys- I'll fix you breakfast anytime of day.  It's my spiritual gift, you know.  Jenny Pie- I can't wait to corrupt your daughter.  To my HillSong family- thanks for believing in me and for the fun we had serving together.  To the Bunko gals- thanks for making me feel like this is home.  To my ROCC family- thanks for putting up with Inappropriate Becky and showing me what real community looks like.  To the DT gals- thanks for being that community.  And for going with me to see naked people.  La- thanks for being a true grown up friend that still goes with me to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night at a moment's notice.  To my neighbors... thanks for never ceasing to amaze me- in all ways possible.  NK, AP, AR, and all the others that don't fit a "category"- thanks for making my life full.  To the MMP Family- thanks for being an amazing preschool experience for me and my daughter. Aunties- thanks for giving me inspiration and confidence for writing it out... and loving me, pink polka dots and all. Waldrups, Randolphs, Ducks, extended family, and even Keith- thanks for being family to me more and more as I "grow up".  E- thanks for being my miracle and my joy... and for giving me lots of content for this blog.  And, finally, to Dan- thanks for being my "good enough".  It's actually way better than that.  (Sorry for sometimes making you cringe, too.)

To Elizabeth Jane... May the words of these posts not make you die of embarrassment when you are old enough to read them.  I hope you find your Prince one day and that he *is* as good as Daddy.  And I hope when I drive you crazy in high school that you bounce back quickly.  I love you, sweet pea, no matter what you do... I love you for who you are.

Wait a minute, I think I just wrote a yearbook entry.  Hmm...

(Today, I'd add a special ps: To Bill-Bill, thanks for making that amazing Eggplant Parmesan that I'm still thinking about... mmm....)

In other news, it makes a girl happy when her daughter comes downstairs for the morning singing Barenaked Ladies songs.  This is what my day started with, so I'll leave you with 2 of our favorites... 

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!

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Kristen said...

..and to Becky Waldrup I leave my locker and my hairspray. LYLAS!!!!