Thursday, October 7, 2010

Play-by-play of our days... complete with pictures (and a question.)

Monday I was in such a pissy mood, I cancelled a friend coming over.  I barked at Dan and Elizabeth.  I couldn't see my way out of my frustration... tears interspersed with anger.  But I took this picture:
because it made me happy.  I liked the peaceful way the orzo looked as it was boiling.  That was about the only peaceful thing around these parts on Monday.

Tuesday was tons, tons, tons better.  E and I went to church that morning (we needed a change in scenery and decided to crash the Bible Study) after stopping by Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte.

Before the study began, my tears came back.  "Faithful Harmony" (a group of girls from my church who sing at various events) busted out with this:

(my apologies for the crappy camera work.  I couldn't get up, so I propped the camera up on my pumpkin spice latte.)

"It Is Well" kinda messes me up these days, and I think it always will.  It's what Mary (my stepmom) has been clinging to as she's fought cancer all these years.  Hearing the words "... though trials should come, let this blessed assurance control: that Christ has regarded my helpless estate and has shed His own blood for my soul" reminded me what a jerkface I'd been the day before getting caught up in my own stuff.  Mary has shown such courage and strength in all these years- but most especially in the recent days- and I can't believe I'd let my own junk overshadow the blessed assurance that *can* control me when I let it.

I had the treat of getting my house ready alone (thanks, La!) and then with a friend (thanks, Leigh!) for Bunko.  We hosted this same time last year and realized how much fun (and how easy) caramel apples are to make, so we did it again.  Good times.

Wednesday was nutso busy, but all good things.  Coffee (pumpkin spice latte, again!) with a friend, E having a friend come over after school:
(E was in the "hospital" here, Becca came to visit.)  Then after taking Becca home we went to the Fair.  Good times, funnel cakes (hi, last post!), and sketchy rides... you can't beat it.

 Can you see how fun this ride is?  But look at what's under it:
 Yep. I always feel better knowing I'm riding around over the sledge hammer.  And a bottle of water.
 A little spooked by Smokey Bear.

 Gaby's Bird!!
 Dan's 12 Year Old Moment of the Fair (this year.)  "Please do not handle displays... under melons... get it?!?!?!?" (Dying laughing.)

Loving feeding the animals... especially the Llama Llama Red Pajama, as she kept calling him.  (Hint: anyone need a birthday idea for E?  We don't own that book... but she has it on her "favorites" list, thanks Ms. Fallanca!)

After a good night's sleep, we went to MOMS at church this morning (and TOTALLY enjoyed Angie sharing!), then off to Tanglewood to feed the ducks.  (Shhh... the sign only says don't feed the GEESE.  We took it literally.)

 E said this duck was the Mommy Duck.  I asked her how she knew and she said because this duck made all the rules.  (Read: Bossy Duck.)

We came home and I was frustrated to find that I'd screwed something up at our house... but God already quickly took my screw up to give me something better.  I'm bothered that I allowed myself to get worked up over something so little once again... but thankful that it's a non-issue at this point and I'm re-grounded.

While at the park today we met the nicest family.  She told me her name (and her kids names) and E has been asking if we can see them again.  So, Blog Family, I ask you... is it weird to find her on Facebook and ask her to be my friend?  (I know, this seems like something I'd *totally* normally do... but I want some Blog advice this time.)

Comments welcome....

More thoughts on what this week meant later (this was the week- six years ago- that I had my last miscarriage.)  For now, I'll just look for beauty in boiling pasta, apple sticks, laughing girls, and bossy ducks.  That's how we Momma Ducks roll.

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