Friday, October 1, 2010

So how'd that work out for you?

Want to know how that all worked out today?  That whole choosing joy stuff?

Well, it did.

I am exhausted, sore, bored, and have spent way too much time online today, but in addition to that, I've fed my baby saltines and juice, watched DVDs, read books, make pipe cleaner crafts, and survived.

We love to pull out our couch on "Jammie Days" and watch TV... the bad news is, after 3 nights last weekend on a pull-out couch and all day today, my back is a wee bit sore.  But we have laughed and loved in ways that you don't get on "normal" days- and for that I am thankful.

And here's the funnest part of our low-key day.  (No, I don't mean flashing the neighborhood Boy Scout who came by to sell popcorn... which may or may not have happened...)  I had two visits from friends today who came by to speak my love language.  First, Laurie popped by to drop off some much needed caffeine.  Big soda for me, apple juice for E.  At just the right time.

And then, because I have caring people in my life, I was kinda blown away.  A new(er) friend popped in with a treat.  You see, at Small Group Wednesday night I shared my love of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I've considered it a success each time I go past Starbucks and don't stop... because I honestly could have 2 a day, easily.  So when I saw her at church yesterday, she slipped me five bucks and said "don't deprive yourself of Pumpkin Spice Lattes... consider it my treat."

As if that wasn't enough, she came by today with this:

A gift card... to use to buy myself Pumpkin Spice Lattes from now until the end of the month.


Who does that?

And did I mention that we are new(er) friends?  We met just before my surgery, when she proceeded to immediately bring me a meal.  Now we're getting to know each other better and scarily have a lot in common... including a smart-butt side, sarcastic streak, and a love of all things latte this time of year.

I'm hoping her efforts blessed her as much as the blessing I received.

I freakin' love when people live out the Church the way it should be lived out... lattes and all.

Oh, and dear reader, if your son was the one who came by and saw me in my "fancy" PJs?  My bad.  They are comfy.  And they were a gift from another generous friend who blessed me with them another day.  Seriously, I love my life.

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Anonymous said...

yet another great blog wish I could meet friends like you do maybe some day :) Hope sweet E feels better soon.