Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The ups and downs of our day.

Up: We freakin' love our preschool.  Every thing about it.  The staff is amazing... and this year E has (another) super fun teacher and a super fun class.  Today while E was taking another day to rest-off her illness, she missed a packed day at school.  She was supposed to have the Sharing Box today, art, and music.  I emailed her teacher to see what to do about having the Sharing Box (i.e., was there a Plan B when the sharer was sick?) and she responded (which completely freaked E out that HER TEACHER would send "her" an EMAIL!!) by saying E would miss some stuff in art that they could make up on Friday.  When I got to school this morning, instead of saving the art until Friday to do, she'd prepared a "homework bag" for E.  Seriously.  My daughter was in heaven...

 Seriously.  If today is any indication of what school will be like... E will be a big fan of homework.

Up: I took the college students to a movie on Sunday night.  I told the chick at the theater that I needed 5 Student Tickets, and 2 for "old people" (meaning, older than college.)  I clearly didn't check my receipt at the time... but today when I did, I laughed a lot.
Yep.  They thought I really meant "old people".  Clearly, she saw that we were 30-somethings, not 80-somethings, right?  I laughed a lot.

Up: We were at the intersection of Hanes Mall Boulevard and this road:
 and my ever perceptive child claimed she was thirsty.  She wasn't looking up at the time.  (She was, of course, reading a book in the back seat.)  She said, "Mommy, I'm realllllly thirsty.  Maybe we could go to Starbucks or something?"  We died laughing... then she looked out her window and saw this beside her:
Yes.  My child has my genes, and can smell a Starbucks a mile away... or right outside her window.

Up: Watching my child watch this video:

which looks something like this:

Clearly... she doesn't look sick, huh?

Down: one of my very, very favorite Bloggers is hanging up the Blog-gig.  My friend, Jenni, from UNC days has an amazing blog.  Jenni and I were in InterVarsity together and knew each other in that "we go to all the same functions and have all the same friends" kind of way that you do in college.  Through her blog I have learned so much more about her... and like lots of my virtual friends, it's made me wish I'd spent more time with her when I was actually in her physical presence.  So while you have the chance, before she takes it down, check out Jenni's blog to see the beauty of my friend, her family, and her writing.  Fortunately for me, even though the intrawebs will miss Jenni, I'll still be in touch with her world.

Given our recent days, I'll take this kind of day any time.

(And, side note?  Dan and I are watching this now:
  You should, too.)


Aaron E Elmore said...

I hope our kids (some day) have built-in Starbucks radar.

beckyheel said...

Aaron, Train up a child in the way he should go....

Heather McLeod said...

I died laughing about the "old" people!!

Aaron E Elmore said...

Ah yes Becky, exactly. So what percentage coffee should a bottle contain? Maybe start em' slow and gradually work up to black?