Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Funny Child

Dan asked me tonight why I hadn't shared E's best quote from her birthday weekend.  My mom recently returned from a trip to England and brought Elizabeth a Tudor Bear:

It's similar to this Tudor (girl) bear.  And the conversation went a little like this:

Us: E!  That Teddy Bear is from London!  It's a Tudor Bear!
E: Why is it called a Tooter Bear if it doesn't Toot?

Love a literal child.

Today I took that literal child to a playdate for her class.  Due to a variety of reasons, we were the only ones there from school.  (Other kids were there, just none that we knew.)  I'd pumped it up to E all day that we were going on a playdate with her school friends (my bad... you'd think I'd have learned by now.)  It wasn't until we were getting in the car and leaving that she realized no one had shown up.  And she was fine with it.

I prayed later this afternoon that she'd always remain that way.  That my child who loves people so much, who gives in to peer pressure even now (that's how she decided she'd get her pink extensions... because Amelia and McKenna were doing it...), who desires to much to be a part of something-- that my sweethearted child will always be okay when it's just her.  When it's just us.

People ask us a minimum of once a week if we are going to have more children.  Here's the big secret: we don't know.  As of today, we'd say not likely... at least not biologically.  My heart is full with our family of 3 (well, 4 if you count Webster) for now.  We're "good" with where we are.  We prayed for God to give us a child and He did.  We also know that we're not called to isolate ourselves as our family of 3.  That God has wired us to give and serve... maybe that will be shown to us in ways of taking in people who need the love we have to give.  Maybe that will be in supporting those who need resources (time, energy, money) that we have to give.  Maybe that will be something totally different than we think it is now (which is likely... because God tends to work that way with us)... but we're cool with it.  We're good.  We'll keep you posted.

For now, we'll enjoy our child who thinks a bear should be more appropriately named.  The same child who, tonight during dinner (when she was sad I'd grilled her sandwich instead of it being non-grilled) said "Daddy, I think I'd rather sit here and cry."  The same child who drew a picture yesterday of her best friend and when I asked her who it was she said "Mommy."  The same child who I brought home from the hospital 4 years ago tonight.  Holy Tudor Bear, Batman... time flies.


Meg said...

I read so many blogs that, while I appreciate their honesty, make me totally question whether I will ever have what it takes to be a mom.

Yours, while equally as honest, makes me hopeful I'll get the privilege.

beckyheel said...

Meg, you made my day. Let's not lie... you kinda made my week/month/whatever. :) Thanks for reading. :)

sherri said...

holy tudor indeed. people ask you that once a week at least. not cool. we are looking forward to our playdate tomorrow with you guys!