Monday, October 11, 2010

I am so important, you will want to read this.

I've heard two references lately to this new Facebooking-Tweeting-Blogging Generation and how we all think that what we have to say is so important that we must share it with the world- immediately.

In that vein, I give you:


1. I am on the constant search for the World's Most Perfect Pen.

2. I am on the constant search for the Best Way Our Furniture Should Be Arranged, too.

3. My first kiss sent me an email about a year ago referencing that he was my first kiss.  But I'm not sure I ever told him he was... which leads me to believe it was obvious.

4. I had 8 roommates before Dan.  Unless you count Noah, who thought he was our roommate, and that would make it 9.

5. I was not "allowed" to wear skirts to school until high school.  Well, maybe middle school.  Now E won't wear anything but skirts or dresses.  Weird.

6. Elizabeth has no idea we pay babysitters.  She thinks she just has some older friends who choose to hang out with her.  And I will let her believe this as long as I can.

7. Speaking of babysitters, I kinda get annoyed when people take advantage of other people to be babysitters.  It's kind of my soapbox.  Yes, your parents probably love keeping your kids.  Yes, your sister wants to see her niece and nephew.  Yes, your friends without children likely enjoy being entertained by your hilarious children.  But... pay a sitter, people.  (And, before I get flack for this... yes, I get that sitters are expensive.  I'm not saying you should do it all the time.  I'm just saying that there should be some sort of system in place so you don't take advantage of special people in your life.  At least have a system where you swap sitting with your friends.  Barter or something.)

8. Yes, I'm happy to keep your children.  That wasn't what I meant in #7.  Zeesh.

9. Yes, I tend to say the wrong things and offend my friends.  (I can't tell you how many of you I've seen since this who have asked me if you hurt my feelings back then.)

10. Speaking of babysitters, I had one when I was little that used to make me and Chris (my brother) play in the yard while she sunbathed.  If we came too close to the deck, she would spray us with a water hose.  She also loved to listen to this while she sunbathed:

I'm not sure that was appropriate babysitting music, but it was fun times.

11. We would have likely been better off with a grandparent babysitting.  Likely Grandmother and Granddaddy wouldn't spray us with water hoses.

12. My brother did not decide to call me by my actual name until... well... now?  And it still sounds weird to hear him say "Becky".

13. I bounced my first check when I was a sophomore in college.  It was written to the UNC Clefhangers.  Thankfully, my friend Brad was the treasurer, so it was less embarrassing than it could have been.

14. I wanted to be a writer from the time I could write.  In fact, in second grade I wrote this book...
 about a girl named Elizabeth Johnston.  Weird.

15. I've had 2 friends read my journals.  Scary.  So now, I just put it online for all of you to see.

16. I think my dog totally understands what I say to him.

17. I have a closet in my bedroom with nothing but shoes in it.

18. I would take a bath (vs. shower) 9 times out of 10 if I could.  Except I don't like washing my hair in the bathtub.

19. I used to have a recurring nightmare about having to fight a cowboy robot.  I had it every time I was sick. I usually won, unless I was really sick.

20. I cannot fall asleep at night without reading.

There you have it.  20 things you learned about me... and there's 2 minutes of your life you won't get back.



LaVenture's Adventures said...

Or you can do what Craig and I did when our kids were little: never go out. ;-)

Leigh Anne said...

NOAH! he so wanted to live with us. Who didn't?!?!?!

Janie said...

Did you really write a book about Elizabeth Johnston? That is too weird! You could be on a reality TV show with this stuff!

sherri said...

cowboy robot? i love that so much.

Beth said...

becky, i love your blog!!

and i simply can not believe that you wrote a book about a girl named elizabeth johnston. that kinda gives me goosebumps! amazing that your little second grade brain thought that up! God is so cool like that.