Monday, October 11, 2010

More Wisdom From E

Me: E, your teacher said (blah blah blah, insert proud parent stuff here) about you today.  That makes me super happy.  I am really proud of you.
E: Yeah, but I can only do all those good things at school.
E: Daddy, your cup is trash.
(to Dan, using Duke cup.)
E: Mommy, when can I drink coffee?
Me: Probably when you are about 17.
E: Will you fix it for me then?  Will you still be alive?
E: (on 3rd trip downstairs after bedtime) Mommy, where's that bed rail thing that I used to use?
Me: In storage.
E: You should put it back up so I won't keep getting out of bed.

How I love this little girl....

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karenswofford said...

Oh my gosh, your child is freakin hillarious! I love it!