Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Husbands and Spinach.

Yesterday, I called to talk to one of my high school besties... her husband answered instead, and I spent the entire time on the phone talking to him.  Yep.  Forgot to even ask for her to call me back, or even to tell her that I called.  Just talked to him the whole time.  I lurve him.
Monday, I went to supper club at one of my gal pals houses and ate a super meal that her husband prepared for us.  Tasty.

Tonight, the sweet husband of one of the first people I met in town came over to fix our air conditioner.  Granted, I've known him as long as I've known her, but still... he's her husband.

Husbands.  I love 'em.  Yours, mine, all of ours.  I kinda feel a bit "Sister Wife"ish when I say it, but it's true.  (And, sadly, we don't get cable so I've not even gotten to see that gem mine of a show.)

Speaking of blissfully-crappy TV, I had lunch today with a new friend.  We met a few weeks ago at a Blogger function and then became FB friends... we realized we needed to know each other.  That, and she just launched this crazy cool site TODAY that you all need to check out... and yours truly just might be sharing a Guest Blog on there in the future!  Anyway, we talked about all things important to new friendship- reality TV, politics, neighbors, friends we have in common, Flo Rida, crappy cell phones, and keeping up with the Joneses.

Then, as we were having our yummy wraps, Rachel commented that she likely had spinach in her teeth.  I said I might, too, and laughed it off.  I even tried to stealthily check my teeth when she got up from the table.  When she returned, she offered me gum.  Still, nothing totally clicked.

Until I got in my car.

And saw I had HUGE amounts of spinach... between... my... front... two... teeth.

So, dear new friend Rachel... lesson learned from today: if you were trying to be sweetly subtle and tell me I had spinach in my teeth- learn now that I am oblivious and missed it.  If you were not and somehow did not notice the huge leafy vegetable stuck between my incisors?  It was probably because my mouth was moving so much as you were so fun to talk to.  (Congrats on your site... next time, no spinach for me.  Only wine, k?)

And ladies at MOMS tomorrow?  I made a spinach frittata.  Bring your mirrors... and check your teeth before you leave.

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Rachel H said...

Hilarious! Are you kidding me? I honestly had NO idea! Are you sure? I bet it was small. I totally would have told you - we Flo Rida lovers gotta stick together! :)