Monday, October 11, 2010

Grilled Cheesus (Confessions of a Hypocrite, Volume 2)

Holy Mother of All Good TV Shows...

So, for a week now I've been too busy to watch last week's Glee.  (And, yes, for some reason, 8 years ago when we started playing Bunko on Tuesday nights we weren't anticipating that Glee would be on Tuesdays in the future... or I wouldn't have agreed to play.)

I watched it tonight.

Do you ever wonder if things happen (like having Bunko games instead of watching it when you were "supposed" to) because you would get more out of it later (like watching it tonight?)

The episode was all about faith.  Everyone who knows my obsession asked me if I'd seen it and wanted to debrief it, but I wouldn't.  So, actually, no one ruined it for me.  (Thank you, friends!)  It. Was. Super.  I love the real way that Ryan Murphy addressed religion, faith, spirituality.  I love that lots of different "brands" got shown, and it wasn't neatly tied up with a revival service at the end.  (Hi, elders!  'Whoops' if that makes me a "bad Christian".)

More than anything, I love that these 'kids' were sorting out big things... together.  (I'll be honest... I didn't see a lot of this in my high school.  In addition to the fact we didn't always express ourselves in song, we also thought people were of "Another Religion" if they were Methodist.)

Glee also made me think about some of the things we talked about at last night's College Ministry Bible Study... which is where I dropped the bomb shell on them (and now on you)....

Wait for it...

My prayer life kinda sucks.

I mean, don't get me wrong... I pray.  A lot.  And if you've asked me to pray for something, consider it done. I feel like my life has gotten to the place where I am in constant dialogue with God.  But the danger in that constant state of prayer business?  You miss out on the set-aside, reverent, intentional prayer that I think God calls us to.

So here we are, blog readers... what to do with this?  Just like last week you all responded about weight stuff (and, thank you, ps... I'm working on a new "support group" that those of you who contacted me will be hearing about soon!), and then recently you all poured out your compassion and your own stories about fertility and miscarriage... now I'm asking you to help me pray.

I'm taking a 24 hour "online talking" hiatus.  I know, silly, silly, silly me.  24 hours in the grand scheme of life isn't much.  But given how much I comment, post, and blog... it's a lot.  Rather than talk to you online, I'll pray for you.  I'll still read emails (and respond if it's completely necessary), check your FB info, and look for your updates, but I won't comment.  I'll just pray.  Cool?  And if you have something you'd like prayer for, now's your time to hit me up.  I'm on it.  I'll take it to Jesus (not to be confused with Cheesus) on your behalf.  (He's my favorite Heb.)

So comment away, send me a message, whatever.  I'll be talkin' to you later... but for now, I'm off to talk to Cheesus, er, Jesus....

(Seriously... message me your prayer requests, or comment here:)


sonja said...

Loved the comment about thinking people of another religion were Methodists, because it was so true. When I was in the third grade (my first year in Enka/ Candler) a class mate asked me what religion I was, when I responded "Methodist" she informed me that I didn't believe in God. I said that yes I did, it confused me a little because I had always thought God didn't care where we prayed from...It was something I don't think I will ever forget.

Courtney said...

I am not a good "pray-er" either, but a few years ago I read a book that revolutionized my prayer life...seriously....I don't say that lightly.
Praying In Color by Sybil MacBeth.
I think it might be up your alley.