Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Today I had a total flashback.

Picture it, 1980-ish, the Caldwell's front porch.  Jamey and I are on the porch swing.  I keep telling him to swing "Higher! Higher!"  Next thing I know we have FLIPPED the PORCH SWING and Jamey is on his way to the ER.

Today, E had a playdate with a pal from school.  I saw history (almost) repeat itself:

 Don't fall for it, Wats... it ends poorly for the boys that we girls boss around.

But, holy cuteness Batman... how I love watching them play.

Side note?  Jamey ended up pretty badly beat up... and maybe some stitches (I can't remember).  Me?  I just ended up in trouble, with no scrapes or bruises.  Why he is still friends with me, I'm not sure.  Cooler "ps" side note... we met when we were younger than E and Wats... and did you catch that?  We're still friends.

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sherri said...

these pictures of them are so cute - W. loved having a playdate, he returned her sparkly envelope to school this morning - w/out crying - hooray! you will have to leave more stuff at our house more often.